After a four month break, ‘Paper Roses, Killie Pies and Everything Else’ is back and for season 2016/17 will be bigger and better than last season. This season, I will strive to upload at least three blog posts per week, with extra posts if there is any big news concerning the club. 

One of the weeks posts will focus entirely on our weekend game, with a scouting report on the opposition team, and detailing some of the main ways in which Killie can get a positive result from the game. This post will also include my preferred starting lineup for the upcoming game. 

After the conclusion of the game, I will aim to have a match report on this blog within three hours of the games conclusion. This will contain a brief summary of the games main points, as well as an in depth analysis of Killies performance as well as that of the opposition. This will also include player ratings for those in the mighty blue and white of Killie.

 Finally, there will be a unique article each week focusing on a player or issue surrounding the club, wether good or bad. This will be an article straight from the eyes and mind of a Killie fan,  rather than from someone who has an outside view of the club. 

So if you like what you see on the blog, make sure you let others know about it and most importantly, continue to enjoy it, as this is one of the only blogs for Killie fans, by a Killie fan.