It’s hard being a Killie fan. It really is. 

It’s nights like this where fans can become easily disillusioned with their club, and it is never pleasant. 

The sold out Killie end was in good voice and good spirits before kickoff, but this was silenced within ten minutes. A Hearts corner was dealt with pretty incompetently as a whole by Killie, and when it came to Patterson on the edge of the box, he made no mistake, sending a sweet curling volley into the bottom corner. 

That was to be the goal scorers last act of the game as he was taken away on a stretcher after a challenge with Nathan Tyson. This didn’t seem to faze the home team too much, as they went on to dominate a very dissapointing Killie side. 

This is the point where I would usually describe the rest of the game, but I think I might develop real depression if I do, so I’ll just rant about what was wrong instead. 

1. We were getting overrun in midfield the entire game, there was nobody taking responsibility in the middle of the park, and Hearts were cutting is open with one pass.

2. You would think that with the experience that Gary Dicker has, he would be the one to get his foot on the ball and make something happen. However, he tries to get rid of the ball as quickly as possible, which is doing nothing for the team. 

3. Stevie Smith is just not cut out to be our captain. He isn’t anywhere near vocal enough, and we are strongly missing a leader on the pitch. 

4. Coulibaly is having his talent wasted being played on the wing. He can neither pass the ball or track back properly so is basically an empty jersey. If Clark doesn’t play him through the middle, then there is no point in having him on the park at all. 

I would also normally do player ratings at this point, but the performance was so poor, every single player is getting a 2, except for Jamie MacDonald, who kept Hearts from scoring double figures. He gets pass marks with a 6. 

Us Killie fans may not have expected to win comfortably tonight, but what we saw tonight was completely unacceptable. 

Rant over.

MAN OF THE MATCH: The Killie Fans