Sure, we may have just lost to A*r, in the one match this season that we just couldn’t afford to be beaten in. Sure, our standing as the pride of Ayrshire football may have taken a small dent. Sure, we may all have paid £200 for a season ticket only to wish the season was over before it’s begun. But hey ho, that’s Scottish football, that’s the Killie way. If you’re feeling a bit down about being a fan of the blue and white, here’s four reasons why you should be happy to support the mighty Killie…


If ever a player represented Scottish football, it’s sure to be Kris Boyd. The striker may be getting older and slower with every passing game, but he’s still a Scottish football legend and he’s ours!!… until his contract runs out that is.


No matter how bad things get on the park, we will always have a great reputation among the pie eaters of the world. The Killie Pie, Kilmarnock Pie or whatever you want to call it, is a staple of the beautiful game here in Scotland. Even if we don’t always have a team to be proud of on the park, we can always have pride in our namesake pie.  


In the past years, although our full team may not have been that great, we have produced and guided some great talent during their time at Rugby Park. In recent years, homegrown players including Greg Kiltie and Greg Taylor have gone on to shine, while Stevie Naismith has made a name for himself in the English Premiership with Everton and Norwich. More recently, a young boy from Newcastle has grabbed the attention of the world after winning the World Cup with England, thanks in part to a fantastic 6 months at Rugby Park. Other notable players to have graced Rugby Park in recent years include Craig Bryson, Liam Kelly and Gordon Greer. 

       4. We don’t support A*r United…